aka Pandah

  • I live in Seattle, Washington
  • I was born on March 4
  • My occupation is Being A Expert At Kisekae
  • I am Transgender
  • Kawai~Pandah

    Age: 14

    Likes: Music, Cat eared hoodies and Twintails

    Dislikes: Heavy metal and Spicy food

    Age: 16

    Likes: Reading manga, Sushi and Green tea

    Dislikes: Neko Abusers

    Age: 12

    Likes: Anime, Yuno Gasai and Cosplaying

    Dislikes: Weeaboos and Tsunderes

    Age: 17

    Likes: Tsunderes, Saying Baka

    Dislikes: Yuno Gasai and Yandere's

    Age: 13

    Likes: Plaid Skirts and Bows

    Dislikes: Tsundere haters

    Age: 14

    Likes: Paris, Music and Vegatables

    Dislikes: Meat

    Age: 10

    Likes: Flute, Humans, Spongebob and Fruit

    Dislikes: Meat

    Name: Choco Nyan                              Name: Vanilla Nyan

    Age: 15                                                Age: 16

    Likes: Flowers and Chocolate                Likes: Flowers and Icecream

    Dislikes: Icecream                                Dislikes: Neko Abus…

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  • Kawai~Pandah

    Hello! This My Blog post page and i hope you catch up with it! I post my OC's that are neko's Enjoy!~

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